Leave your Legacy through Planned Giving

Unfortunately people will not come to your blog just to see what you have published on it. To make sure that your blog becomes a successful one, you have to work on it to attract visitors interested in your content.

This can be achieved by serious work on some important aspects.In a word, give people the reason to see what you have to say or offer.

Protecting Your Biggest Asset

Life is full of risks, and people make decisions everyday that require weighing those risks against their ability to protect themselves using their own resources or by transferring the risk to an insurance company. Most people realize that they couldn’t afford to rebuild a damaged home or buy a new car without insurance. While these are important and expensive assets, the actual risk of loss pales next to the loss of their biggest asset, their ability to earn an income...

A Lesson in Helping your Student Pay for College

You think back fondly on those halcyon collegiate days--studying in the quad, late-night pizza, tailgating for the big tailgating game, dorm living, tossing your graduation cap in the air...beyond the lifelong friends and the parties and fun, college helped you get to where you are today. Looking ahead, your student is planning on following in your footsteps and will be receiving that admissions letter of acceptance sooner than you think...

Debt After Death – Do You Have it Covered?

Many people deal with credit card debt all of their lives with most of them giving little or no thought to what happens with their debt after they die. The fact that nearly 60% die without a will is a strong indication that they’ve given absolutely no thought to it. As a consequence, those that survive the debt holder are often left to deal with a myriad of issues that can be time-consuming and unpleasant. Credit card debt doesn’t simply evaporate when someone dies. In fact, creditors will actually...